A Night Out


I could take you anywhere

Maybe New York, we'd visit Times Square

Your face is painted on a TV screen

Something I could get used to

No more lollipop dreams

Goodbye my sugar-kissed amphetamine

The after taste is lingering like smoke

Wondering where hope is

Out on the town, could you show me around?

Could you take me where there is music and silence?

Imagine all of the things we could say

I'll be what you need

If you'll be there for me

Don't you know I know you see straight through me?

You're not late, you're just flat out of time

I kinda wish that I could live forever

With you being attracted to me

We got it going on

I gotta go


Words & Music by Craig Haller

℗ 2007 Settlement Orange Music

© 2007 My Buddy Craig Music [BMI]


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