Above the Clouds is fueled by a creative DIY recording approach. The songwriting ranges from straightforward pop/rock to experimental soundscapes.


Track Listing

  1. A Night Out

  2. Shut Up, You’re Beautiful

  3. Happiness Tomorrow

  4. Above the Clouds

  5. Cold Honey

  6. Paris

  7. I Think I Hate You

  8. Mississippi Queen

  9. Miss Fortune

  10. Steph’s So Hot

  11. Breeding Ground

  12. The Concept of Time


Production Credits, Etc.

  • Produced & Engineered by Craig Haller & Nathan Clendenen

  • Written by Craig Haller

  • Mixed by Craig Haller and Nathan Clendenen

  • Mastered by Brian Warwick at Westlake Recording Studios

  • Recorded in various parts of New York, New Jersey, Colorado, and Arizona

  • Most sounds and voices by Craig Haller

  • Additional parts were contributed by people whose names have been swept over by the sands of time.

  • Released on September 13, 2007 by Settlement Orange Music

  • Published by My Buddy Craig Music [BMI]