THE NEW ALBUM (a playlist)


A collection of original songs rounded out with a cleverly reimagined classic, this project explores the meaning of life and one’s attempt to make sense of the figures that hide in the darkness of our imaginations. With a backing band of Nashville’s finest session players, Craig Haller demonstrates emotional depth, thoughtful production, and beautifully constructed melodies that kindle the fire of remembrance while paving a path to a hopeful future.



The Songs

30 Something

There’s a time in life when people realize they’re getting older. It’s when they’re 30 something

Bad Habits

This rocker places a worthwhile challenge on the listener to better themselves...hopefully

Crazy Train

This Crazy Train cover is a delightfully laid back and playful reinterpretation of a classic


I’m Still Here

A haunting musical backdrop responding to the question of existentialism

I Want Your Love - song by Craig Haller

I Want Your Love

A sultry and groove-driven request for love, lust, and luscious sounds

‘til the Water Runs Dry

Accepting the ebb and flow of life is easier with a comforting and memorable melody


Production Credits

  • Produced by Craig Haller & Ryan Madora

  • Words & Music by Craig Haller

  • Recorded at The Bomb Shelter & The Bath House in Nashville, TN

  • Engineered by Drew Carroll & Craig Haller

  • Mixing by Brad Jones at Alex the Great Recording

  • Mastering by Duncan Ferguson at The Voltage Exchange

  • Bass grooves by Ryan Madora

  • Organ & piano by Mike Hicks

  • Guitars by Alex Bachari

  • Guitars by Ellen Angelico

  • Drums & percussion by Derrek Phillips

  • Acoustic guitar & vocals by Craig Haller

  • Artwork by Leanne Bridie

  • Released by Settlement Orange Music

  • Published by My Buddy Craig Music [BMI]